Citizens' Advisory Committee

Members: 2012-13 Citizens' Advisory Committee

  • Bronson Ford (student)
  • Barbara Franzosa
  • Richard Karper
  • Theresa Kattner
  • T.J. McKeon
  • Kris Newbern
  • Brian Schwartz (teacher)
  • Nancy Fields (alternate teacher)


The purpose of the Citizens' Advisory Committee of the Jim Thorpe Area School District is to assist the Board of Directors in managing the governance of the District.

  1. This Committee will have an advisory role to the Superintendent, Administrators and School Board in the following areas: budget, calendar, curricula, discipline, drug & alcohol issues, hiring & personnel policies, salaries & benefits, student health and related items, which affect the Board, Administrators, Students and Parents of the Jim Thorpe Area School District.
  2. With regard to this advisory role, the purpose of this committee is to "advise" on issues. It is within the purview of the Board to determine whether or not the 'Advisory Committee's suggestions are implemented.

Composition of the Advisory Committee

The Citizens' Advisory Committee of the Jim Thorpe Area School District will be comprised of the following members:

  1. One member from the Faculty of the JTASD, who resides in the District.
  2. One member from the Parent-Teacher-Student Association.
  3. One member of the Board of Directors of the JTASD.
  4. Two members from the Borough of Jim Thorpe (who are not current Board members).
  5. Four members from Penn Forest Township (who are not currently Board members).
  6. One member from Kidder Township who is not currently a Board member).
  7. One At-Large Member, selected from any District Areas, who is deemed qualified by the Board of Directors.
  8. In the event that there is insufficient interest from any of the above District Areas to fill the allocated positions, interested parties may be selected from other areas.

Selection of the Advisory Committee and Term of Office

  1. The selection of the Citizens' Advisory Committee of the Jim Thorpe Area School District is at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  2. The Term of Office will be for two (fiscal) years.
  3. Notification of the intent to solicit membership in the Citizens' Advisory Committee will be posted in the local newspaper and District Website with a two-week, time-limit placed on the response(s). After all the respondents have replied, within the time-limit stipulated, the Board will select the membership at its discretion.
  4. A Chairperson the Committee should be selected by majority vote.


  1. The Citizens' Advisory Committee's responsibility is to review those areas of District function (as noted above) and suggest to the Board any pertinent changes.
  2. The Citizens' Advisory Committee is invited to all Board meetings, including regularly scheduled and Committee meetings and have access to any meeting content- finances, committee business, etc. The members may have access to any information that is normally available to the general public via the District Website. They are excluded from Executive Sessions, unless otherwise invited.
  3. Any information requested beyond that which is available on the Website may only be transmitted to the Chairperson, who may distribute it to other Committee members as they deem appropriate.
  4. Any input or recommendations of the Citizens' Advisory Committee should be presented to the Superintendent prior to the next scheduled Board meeting, in order to be placed on the agenda, or tendered at the Acknowledgement of Visitors section of the next scheduled meeting.
  5. The Citizens' Advisory Committee has input to but does not have a vote in the Board proceedings.


  1. Meetings should be held on a regularly scheduled basis, as determined by the Board, but not less than once per month.
  2. Minutes of the meetings shall be kept, transcribed, and be available for Board review.