ACT Information

ACT Testing

The Jim Thorpe Area High School is a test site for the ACT.  Students are to report to the test center check in table no later than 8 AM.  Students arriving after 8 AM are considered late.  Students must bring appropriate identification.  Students who do not have appropriate identification will be unable to test.  Typically students will use a driver's license or school ID as their appropriate identification.   Please see the ACT website for additional clarification. 

Admission priorities are as follows: registered examinees, registered examinees with test option changes, tests center changes, test date changes, and standby examinees.  Standby examinees are not registered for a test date.  They must bring a sealed, completed registration packet that will be collected.  Registration packets will not be available at the test site.

The ACT consists of four (4) tests.  Test 1 (English) is 45 minutes.  Test 2 (Math) is 60 minutes.  Test 3 (Reading) is 35 minutes.  Test 4 (Science) is 35 minutes.  Students who are taking the ACT Plus writing test will test as previously described, but, in addition, will take a 30 minute writing test.  Breaks are given after Test 2 (Math), as well as Test 4 (Science).  Typically, students taking the ACT will be done by approximately 12 PM.  Students taking the ACT Plus writing should be done by approximately 12:45 PM.  

To obtain more information about the ACT, visit the ACT Website.