College Application Process

College Application Process

To meet the needs of all of the students at the JTAHS we request you follow this step by step process when applying to post secondary institutions…

  • Prior to applying to a post secondary institution, submit your extracurricular activities to your school counselor using the Google Doc form that has been emailed to your school email address.

  • Select approximately 3-5 Colleges/Universities/Tech. Schools. Make sure you are confident that one of your selected schools will accept you. *Consider: location, distance, size, public/private and other demographics.

  • Complete the application (online or hard-copy) *Pay close attention to application instructions and additional requirements (i.e. Secondary School Reports, Letters of Recommendation, Essay). *Consider using the Common Application if more than one of the institutions of your choices accepts the Common Application.

  • Obtain approximately 2-3 recommendation letters (if required or recommended) Letters of recommendation should be from a current or previous high school teacher or coach. Each application will list how many recommendations are required. *Please ask recommenders to make letters general and not school specific.
    • Type an essay/personal statement (if required or recommended). The prompts are found on the application. Play close attention to the application instructions.

    • If required, send official ACT/SAT score reports through College Board or ACT websites to each institution of interest. Your scores are added to your transcript automatically. If you do not wish to have them added, you must make your school counselor aware of this request.

    • Once all of the above items are completed, you must login to Parchment and request that your transcript be sent to each school you are applying to. *Please refer to the "How to Order Transcripts on Parchment" tab on the left menu for step-by-step instructions.

    ***If you already took the ACT/SAT test and are planning on retaking it sometime in the fall of your senior year, we encourage that you still submit all of your completed applications by the Thanksgiving deadline. Then, the new ACT/SAT official score reports directly to your schools at a later date.