About the Board

The authority to establish, equip, furnish, operate and maintain the public schools of Jim Thorpe Area School District is vested in the Board of School Directors, which is a body corporate and is constituted and governed by Title 24 of the Pennsylvania Statutes, the Public School Code of 1949 as amended, and Article III of the Constitution and applicable federal and state laws and regulations.

The Board shall establish such schools as are required for the education of every person residing in Jim Thorpe Area School District between the ages of six (6) and twenty-one (21) years who may attend school; shall equip, furnish, operate, and maintain the schools; shall adopt and enforce rules and regulations for the management of school affairs and the conduct and deportment of employees and students; and shall levy and collect taxes as may be necessary, in addition to the annual state appropriation, for the exercise of aforesaid powers.

The Board, in accordance with its statutory mandate, shall adopt Board procedures for its own operation, and policies for the guidance of the Superintendent in the operation of the school district. Board procedures and policies shall be consistent with law, have a rational and substantial relationship to a legitimate purpose of the Board, and be directed towards the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of public education in this district.

The Board shall act as the general agent of the people of this district in the matter of public education. It shall establish educational goals for district students and govern a program of education designed to meet those goals. The Board shall be responsible for enforcing mandatory laws and regulations. The Board shall be the agent responsible for establishing, maintaining and evaluating the public education activities of this school district, in accordance with law.

The powers of the Board of School Directors are not vested in the individual Board member. No such individual is authorized to act on behalf of the Board to carry out any of the Board's statutorily authorized powers, except for those acts stated in law.