Board Members

The Jim Thorpe Area School District Board of Education consists of nine members elected at large for a four year term. Elections are held on a two year cycle to avoid the possibility of replacing nine board members at once. In cycle one, five board members terms have ended and in cycle two four board members terms expire. There is no limit to the number of terms a board member may serve. In addition, there is a Board Secretary and a Solicitor who are appointed and are non-voting members. The Superintendent is a nonvoting member of the Board as well.

Jim Thorpe Area School District Board of Education Members


  • Mr. Scott Pompa          President
  • Mr. Thomas J. Garritano Vice-President
  • Mr. Dennis McGinley    Treasurer
  • Mrs. Cindy Lesisko-Henning  Board Secretary
  • Mr. Glenn Confer     
  • Mrs. Pearl Downs-Sheckler
  • Mr. Richard Flacco
  • Mr. Paul Montemuro 
  • Mr. Gerald Strubinger

  • Mr. John Rushefski        Superintendent
  • Mr. Carl Beard              Solicitor