School Closings and Delays

"To Close or Not to Close...That is the Question"

Without a doubt, any Superintendent will tell you that one of his/her most difficult decisions is whether to close, delay or open school on days of inclement weather. It is difficult because the Superintendent must decide on the probability of safety to transport students. The process usually begins at 4:00AM. with several district personnel traveling to many of the district roads checking on conditions. During this time, we are in contact with other superintendents, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Township Officials, and the State Police. Our decision must be made no later than 5:00 AM. since we must apprise all district employees, as well as parents and students. The announcement of school closing and/or delay is made via our district emergency announcement system, as well on most of the local television and radio stations and websites as soon as possible.

Since we must make a decision by 5:00 AM. there may be a need to revise the decision later in the morning because of a change in storm conditions. It is important for parents to continue to check the district website, television and radio stations after the initial announcement, in the event weather conditions dictate a change.  For the most part, the county superintendents attempt to make a uniform decision, since all districts send students to the CCTI.

Certainly, we realize that our decision is subject to second guessing, but please realize that our decision is made at 5:00AM. I will say, that if there is any doubt, we will err on the safe side, but please realize that we can not possibly check every road or development in the over 137 square miles of our district.

Hopefully this provides you with relevant information and allows you to better understand the process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.