School Board


As a Board, we have a responsibility to our constituents to represent each and every one fairly.  This includes our commitment to assure that our students receive the best education possible while, at the same time, we must provide them with the appropriate ethical and moral values that will guide them through life.  Also, we must be accountable to the taxpayers of our district – that is, to insure that taxes remain as low as possible.

In today’s world the aforementioned tasks are difficult.  The federal and state reimbursements are steadily decreasing, as are local taxes secondary to the economic downturn.  Yet, we are required by federal and state rules to provide an equitable education for all and to achieve certain standards.  There are multiple mandates in this regard, the majority of which are unfunded or underfunded – this leaves the onus on local taxpayers.  Thus, we continually are confronted with the tasks of providing an optimal education for our students and minimizing the costs to the taxpayers.

The Board does not have all the answers in this regard, thus we depend upon the input of our constituents – students, parents and citizens.  There are several ways that our constituents can contribute to the dialogue: join the Citizens' Advisory Committee; attend the Board Meetings; contact our Board Members with concerns; etc.

Board Highlights

Currently, we are working on next year’s budget.  We are looking at improving our academics; maximizing income; and minimizing costs.  Any ideas from our constituents are appreciated.