SchoolMessenger Call System

SchoolMessenger Call System


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  • Deletion Request Form
    • Fill out to remove any phone number from the system
    • Requests may take up 1-2 days to update


About the SchoolMessenger System

The SchoolMessenger call system is used by the district to better enhance communication between home and school.  The system is used for general announcements, important messages, school closings and delays and emergency notifications. 

You may provide up to five phone numbers and five email addresses for use by the AlertNow call system.  In addition, you are asked to let us know which numbers should be used for morning notification of school closings, if any. These phone calls can be made as early as 5:15 AM, so please make sure any numbers you list are accurate and want the early phone call.

If school is delayed or canceled, a phone call will be made at the time of the superintendents' decision, which will activate the SchoolMessenger call system.  The system can make up to 4000 phone calls simultaneously.  Phone numbers that are busy will be retried up to four times.  Depending on the phone service and answering machine, you may only get a partial message.

In the case of an early dismissal or emergency, all phone numbers provided by you will be called to notify you and your emergency contacts.

General announcements and attendance calls will only be made to the primary phone number listed.

Due to the wide variety of phones, answering machines and services, you may receive only a partial message or no message at all.  You may be called several times if the system does not recognize that a phone call has been completed to your phone, however that is a rare occurrence.

Should you receive a phone call that you believe to be in error, please make sure that you are not an emergency contact for a student.  If you wish to remove your phone number from the call system,  fill out this form.

If you have any questions or concerns about this system, please contact Jerome Brown, Director of Technology at 570-325-5139.