Academic Information

Academic Information

Grading Scale

93 -100 = A
85 - 92 = B
75 - 84 = C
70 - 74 = D
0 - 69 = F

A two-step process is used to determine ranking and academic averages. Weighted courses are treated differently. The averages for these courses are adjusted by using a weighted number based on the increased difficulty of material as determined by a teacher committee. Honors classes (*) have a 1.05 weight. High Honors classes (**) have a 1.1 weight.  AP and Dual enrollment classes (***) have a 1.2 weight.

Report Cards and Progress Reports

Report cards are distributed to students every 9 weeks, at the end of each quarter marking period.  Class ranks and honor roll are calculated at that time. A notice will be sent announcing the release of report cards.

As current grades are readily accessible via the PowerSchool Parent Portal, mid-term progress reports are only sent home upon request. Please contact the guidance office.

Promotion & Retention

In order to be promoted to the next grade, a student must successfully complete a minimum of six full credits or their equivalent per year.

Failing Course Work and Making Up Deficiencies

A pupil, in order to be considered full-time, must schedule at least seven credits a year and pass six credits. A minimum of 25 credits, including the required credits in each subject area, must be earned in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 in order to be eligible for graduation.

Whenever permission to be tutored is granted, it shall be with the understanding that the tutor must be approved as to certification by the principal. Further, each pupil to be tutored must receive thirty (30) or more clock hours of instruction in each subject failed and take an examination, directly supervised, at a time designated by he principal or the tutor. If the subject failed carries less than a full credit, hours of tutoring will be proportionately reduced.


Credit Recovery Eligibility



  • Students attaining grades 65-69% are eligible for credit recovery or be tutored for credit without reservation.
  • Students attaining grades 60-64% are eligible for credit recovery or be tutored for credit by teacher recommendation only.
  • Students attaining grades under 60% will not be eligible to make up deficiencies via credit recovery or tutoring options.

In certain situations and with the permission of the superintendent, a student shall be permitted to make up one school year of work in a particular subject by receiving 120 clock hours or more in instruction by a subject-certified teacher and taking a required final examination under the supervision of the principal or a duly designated person.

Should a student attend an approved credit recovery program to make up deficiencies, he/she must take an examination selected and supervised by the principal or a duly designated person following the completion of the summer session. Students planning to attend CCTI should keep in mind CCTI’s requirements when scheduling classes for credit recovery.

In all instances, course deficiencies must be made up prior to the start of the next school year.

JTAHS courses are available through e-­Bridge Academy, Jim Thorpe Area School District cyber partner, with some exceptions for half-­‐year courses and elective courses. If you have questions about which courses are offered, please contact the school counselor at 570-325-­5137.

  • Jim Thorpe Area High School Credit Recovery Policy/Amendment Policy
  • Credit Recovery Course Listings



Graduation Requirements

The minimum requirements for graduation for Jim Thorpe Area Senior High School students are the successful completion of twenty- five (25) units of credit in grades 9 through 12. The course requirements, in accordance with Pennsylvania state standards for regular education students, are as follows:

English (4 credits)
Social Studies
(4 credits)
Math (4 credits)
(4 credits)
(1 credit)
Physical Education
(1.5 credits)
Foreign Language (1 credit)
Computer Science
(1 credit)
Graduation Project (1 credit)
Electives (3.5 credits)
PSSA Proficiency (
1 credit)

Total: 26 credits

In addition, for those students graduating in 2013, one class must be an online learning experience and must pass the PSSA. Students who transfer into Jim Thorpe Area High School from another school may be eligible for an exception to the above requirements. The principal will be the sole determiner of any exceptions. Exceptions may be granted only after the principal receives and reviews the official transcript from the student’s former school.